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Capturing the world one line at a time

This is a trail of my illustrated journeys and experiences around the world.:) I'm Archana Pereira, an architect by qualification and we’re a small illustration studio based out of Bangalore. Founded in the year 2015, the concept of Ink Trails began as a combination of my passion for travel, architecture and illustrations. The artworks are all illustrated by hand, inspired by travel and enchanted by history. The idea behind Ink Trails, has been to make art more interactive and relatable, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Therefore, the illustrations have also been converted into various travel souvenirs, home decor and stationary products. We basically love design and the process of story-telling through illustrations! Exhibitions :
Alliance Française Bangalore - Young Talent Programme - June 2016 Kala Ghoda Art Festival - February 2017
Kala Ghoda Art Festival - February 2018